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CANARA BANK SC/ST EMPLOYESS WELFARE ASSOCIATION (REGD)  was  started  by a Team of our Senior  Sc/St, Brothers and Sisters, M/S   Sri Purushothama Dass,Bangalore ,Sri Gopal Prasad, New Delhi , ,  Sri Guruswamy ,Bangalore ,Sri K.Koteshwara Rao,Hydrabad  Sri Clement Kullu, Kolkatta,Sri A Punna Rao Vijayawada,Sri K G Sekhar,Bangalore,Sri A Umakanthan,Chennai,Sri A Sivaji Chennai,Sri  H L Manjunath naik,Bangalore,Sri Y Ganesan,Madurai ,Sri GG Basappa,Bangalore,Sri M V Ayyappan,Sri K R Salimkumar,Kerala ,Sri R U Prasad Patna,Sri I L Ratwal Delhi, Sri B K Bhagat Amristar, Sri M Yerranna,Bellary, Sri Ramaswamy Madurai,Sri Manick Oran ,Kolkatta,Sri R Lal Chai-Basa, Sri Paramesh lal kaul,Hoshiarpur Punjab.. and other like minded brothers and sisters  during  1994-1995 vide Registration No 69/94-95  dated 6/5/1994 and now having its Central Office at JAIBHEEM BHAVAN No 16 J.C  Road,1st cross, New Mission Road Bengaluru-560027.

The first National level conference was conducted at the Historical place, HYDRABAD on 29-01-1995,Second conference at garden city Bangalore on 20 &21.02.2000,Third conference at Bangalore on 14 & 15-08-2005,Fourth conference at Bangalore on 11 & 12-12-2011 and the fifth conference at the beautiful city of  CHANDIGARH on 12 & 13-11-2016.

The objective of the Association is to carry out the Activities  as listed in Section 3 of Karnataka Societies Act 1960  which shall include,

  1. To popularize the thoughts and ideals of Dr. Bhim Rao  Ambedkar among the  masses
  2. Welfare Activities
  3. To open libraries
  4. To public periodicals, Magazines
  5. To promote Activities in the field of sports, fine Arts, Literature, education, science and Technology.
  6. To procure Assets for the benefit of Society.

During Nationalization of the Banks in 1969 the number SC/ST employees in Canara Bank was ZERO.

But Today out of Total 55000 Employees of Canara Bank ,We are around 15200 SC/ST employees  in our Bank  in all the categories right  from General Manager to Housekeeping peon. Our  15200 Sc/St Employees are the major Source and Work force of the Canara Bank  in all the circles which constitutes 26 %. This increase and improvement is mainly due to the efforts of our Leaders of Sc/St Association, who are pursuing with the canara bank and Government continuously to fill up the vacancy.

Our Association is having around 11328 members as on Today. Ours is the majority  recognized Association in our bank  catering to the needs of 15200 SC/ST employees  in our Bank.


With the support of our members contribution and levy,  we have  purchased and   built  our own four story building  and named as JAI BHEEM BHAVAN , at No 16,J C Road Ist cross ,Mission Road, BENGALURU.560 027. The efforts of all our seniors members, past and present who have contributed their financial and physical support in this regard is memorable and commendable. Now  the Young Team also joined their Hands to take the Association to a greater heights.

Due to the steady and continuous support and efforts of all our members all over India , today we have grown as a mighty Association which is recognized not only in Bengaluru,Karnataka  but among  the 28 Bank Employees and  also at National  level.

Our Association representatives are invited by the Canara Bank Management on a Quarterly Basis for discussing the grievances of Sc/Sts with the Chief Executives of the Bank and Head Office Level and in all the Circle Office level.


Our Association representatives are  invited to the Joint Level  Meetings of the Government Agencies,

1.National Commission for SC.Hon.Chairman and Members,  New Delhi.www.ncsc.nic.in

2.National Commission for ST. Hon.Chairman and Members, New Delhi.www.ncst.nic.in

3.National Commission for Safai Karam Charis.Hon Chairman and Members .New Delhi,www.ncsk.nic.in

4.Parliamentary Study group for Welfare of Sc/Sts,ChairmanNew Delhi Parliamentary Bhavan.

5.Social Welfare Ministry,Finance Ministry,DFS, Banking Division SC/ST Cell. www.mof.nic.in

  • We have started a Free computer Training centre,Prajna Computer Learning Centre for the poor at our Central Office JAIBHEEM BHAVAN, with the support of Canara Bank, which is running successfully.


As ours is a Welfare  Association, representing the deprived class of SC/ST,   we the Canara Bank SC/ST Employees Welfare Association is having a  vision of having  our own Jaibheem  Bank, Library, School , colleges,Jai bheem students Hostel, Jaibheem IPBS/IAS/IPS coaching centre, acquiring assets as Jai bheem Bhavan II at Nagpur,Jaibheem Bhavan III at New Delhi,Jaibheem Bhavan IV at Kolkotta,Jaibheem bhavan V Hydrabad,Jaibheem bhavan VI Chennai,Jai Bheem Bhavan VII at Lucknow & Jaibheem bhavanVIII, at Mumbai and so on,  exclusively for the benefit of SC/ST  & Poor community


CANARA BANK SC/ST EMPLOYESS WELFARE ASSOCIATION  is carrying out various developmental activities for the benefit of SC/ST community.

  • Every year on April 14 DR.B.R Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated at our Central Office JAIBHEEM BHAVAN and in all the centers all our India by our Brother and Sisters.
  • Our Association is representing the SC/ST community in our Canara Bank as a Majority Association. Our Association is attending Quarterly meetings at  Apex level , Circle Level, Regional Level representing our members grievances of Transfers, A matters,promotions,and Service matters related to Sc/Sts.
  • Our Association is representing our community  employees/public  during the visit of various commission like National Commission for SC/ST, National commission for Safai karmachari, Parliamentary committee for SC/ST etc….
  • We have at our Central Office carry out  various activities spreading the knowledge of Dr.B.R .Ambedkar and Lord Buddha,  to the masses.
  • We are guiding our Members whenever they receive any letters or explanations from Canara Bank in DA matters.
  • Various meetings are conducted round the year. Our members are taking part all over India in spreading the knowledge of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. Various Social activities, are carried out all over India  by our Association.

The Central Office activities are  taken care by ,

( 080-2213 2649. cbscstewablr@gmail.com/info@cbscst.org )

  1. Sri Somraj,                   President                  09872838429    somrajb73@gmail.com
  2. Sri S Thangaraj           Vice President          09443090768    59@gmail.com
  3. Sri A Sivaji                   General Secretary   09444917060     asivaji61@gmail.com
  4. Sri H Thippeswamy   Chief Org.Secretary 09845244054    hts1960@gmail.com
  5. Sri K Kumar                Treasurer                  09535086743    kkumar7666@gmail.com

and a Total of 120 Central Office bearers,Vice President,Deputy General Secretaries,Joint Secretaries,CC Members  spread over all over the country,all the States and Circles.

In case if you want to become member of the Association please click the membership column.
Please write your views and suggestions to improve the association activities to the above emails.

Should you require any details, please feel free to contact any one of the Office bearers nearer to you in your circle. Try to send SMS/WhatsApp for immediate response.

Thank you so much for visiting this page. Be a successful person through Honesty & Sincerity & Trustworthy.

With Respects &  Regards,
A Sivaji,9444917060
General Secretary.
For a Big family of 11328 members & the Team of 120 Central Office bearers.